Liquid Control Technology

We supply a new technology of Liquid Control to be apply in processed cheese & Soft cheese and Feta cheese which packed in Tetra pack package, Buckets, Tubs.

Benefits of Liquid Control

  • Freshness and naturalness in the end product in terms of look and taste.
  • Product safety and stability through bacteria reduction.
  • Extending the end product’s shelf life.
  • No chemical additives, ethylene oxide or irradiation.
  • Filling in reusable containers.
  • Tailored recipes for customer –specific applications.
  • No preservatives or High- Temperature treatment.
  • Liquid Control herb recipes keep the spiciness and color intensity of fresh hers (partly together with FUCHS Herb afresh process).
  • Ideal Use with Convenience food and chilled food

Top Liquid Control Products:

  • L.C .Black Olive.
  • L.C. Jalapeno Red.
  • L.C. Jalapeno Red Hot.
  • L.C. Jalapeno Red / Green.
  • L.C. Jalapeno Red / Green Hot.
  • L.C. Jalapeno Green.
  • L.C. Mushroom.
  • L.C. Red Paprika.
  • L.C. Red / Green Paprika.
  • L.C. Dry Tomato

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